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Ideas for keeping your office desk clean and tidy

Is your desk a messy, disorganized pile of clutter, rather than a calming, tranquil space for you to get your head down and focus? Then it’s time to make a change. The piles of notes from 3 years ago, the 5 empty mugs and the mountain of post-it notes clinging on for dear life are only a distraction, leaving you feeling demotivated and uninspired. Keeping your desk tidy can help keep your mind clear and focused during busy work periods. Here are a few quick and practical ideas to get your office desk looking clean and tidy.   1. Organize and clear out piles of paper If in doubt - chuck it out! Do you really need all those old notes? Is that letter from last September really necessary anymore? Set aside an hour or two to go through all the old documents on your desk. If you won’t need it again, chuck it. If you have a stack of old papers you want to keep, scan them and save them in an organized file on your computer. That way, you’ll have more desk space, and you can easily search your
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A Beginner’s Guide to Money Management

Taking the time to manage your money better really pays off. It can not only help you stay on top of your bills, but also save you thousands of pounds per year. These extra savings can be used to pay off any debts that you might have, put them towards a pension, or even spend them on your next big expense - be it a car or a holiday. Continue reading for money management tips, this includes setting a budget, being disciplined enough to stick to it, and some lessons in how to save effectively. Your first step is to take control of finances by setting yourself a budget. Remember that if you need expert help then you can contact accountants Conwy . It takes just a little effort, but it is a brilliant way to get a snapshot in time of how much money you have coming in and going out. When you set a budget it means that you are much less likely to end up in debt, get caught out by unexpected costs, you are also much more likely to have a great credit score and therefore be more likely to be ac

Why Your Business Needs Transcription Services

Transcription is converting audio from a file into clear documented text. So, if you have an audio recording or a video which you need to work from or analyse, it can be beneficial to use a transcription service so you can revisit the conversation easily. Why do businesses use transcriptions? There is such a range of reasons why businesses decide to get their files transcribed. For example, if an office of a worldwide company needs to re-create a video to suit the country they are in, they may need to translate the original video. To make this run smoothly, they could first get the video transcribed. The translater will then have a clear typed scrip to work from. Overall, the job would get done quicker and more efficiently as opposed to the translate stopping and starting the video, trying to figure out what each member of the conversation is saying.  Audio and video transcription are often used in court cases too. The interview transcription can then be used to remind the jury of the

Do Builders Need Insurance?

Builders are coming under more and more scrutiny as the home improvements start to boom. Every homeowner wants to make sure that the company that is undertaking the work on their home can be trusted and rightly so. Builders have to meet certain required guidelines these days and there are set standards one should put in place to protect both parties. It is important that every builder is properly insured not only to protect yourself but to also put your client at ease. There are 4 types of insurance that every home improvements company should have. These include: Public Liability Insurance Employer’s Liability Insurance Contractors All Risk Insurance Professional Indemnity Insurance Public Liability Insurance Public liability insurance protects third parties whilst you carry out your work. This protects them from injury as well as damage to property. For example, if you were working on a property and a roof tile became loose and hit a passer by you may be considered liable.  It’s impor

Characteristics of a GoodAccountant in Bangor

  Managing the account books of your client is no small feat, as the finances and future of the individual or company depend on how good the accountant can be, a mistake as small as omitting one digit can maim the client. This is part of the reasons why accountants are to be well scrutinized before being hired to management accountants. Most clients just look at how good the accountants are mathematically and then hire them, this might be detrimental as time goes on. There are simple, easy-to-spot characteristics every client should look out for when choosing an accountant for their personal use or for their company. Let’s see them! Technology Savvy In the current dispensation, financial dealings are now done online. You don’t need to report to a bank to pay your taxes or transfer funds across countries, it can all be done conveniently in your office with just a click of a button. Accountants Bangor won’t need to carry around large record books to compute taxes of their clients

Why Should a Medical Researcher Use a Transcription Service?

Tackling either qualitative or quantitative research carries the hurdle of time and quality. Many researchers struggle to get the balance right between producing excellent fact-based work with meeting deadlines. Listening to lots of interviews, focus groups, and conferences amongst other forms of research can be draining - it can be hard to find the important information through the waffle.  Using a medical transcription service to get the conversation converted to clear, the written text can make it easier to create an analysis, and this isn’t the only advantage. Here are the reasons why medical researchers should use transcription services: It saves you all-important time.  Time is definitely money when it comes to research! Human transcription services can save you lots of time with accurate text which helps you focus more clearly. A researcher can have a calm peace for mind knowing that their recordings will be easy to manage for better data handling. Many people are using ASR (au

Tips for Succeeding in a Court Case

We know that court cases are an intimidating but sometimes a necessary challenge one must overcome in business, as such, we have collated a list of tips to help you succeed in court. Meet all deadlines Once you are filing the necessary paper that is needed to start a lawsuit, you’re sure to be faced with several deadlines. From requesting a jury trial - opposed to a court trial - ahead of a judge. Make sure that you are familiar with the court’s rules which will be posted on the court’s website. The rules will inform you as to everything that you need to know ahead of the trial. Make a good note of all of these. The judge will not give you any wiggle room just because you are choosing to represent yourself if that is the case! You need to make sure you adhere to the rules, as well as a professional lawyer, would. Choose a judge or jury trial Certain kinds of cases will only be heard by judges - that’s true, this includes the likes of small claims cases. This in most instances, however,