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The Applications of Borehole Logging

Well logging (borehole logging or even geologging in some areas of the world) is often considered the cheapest and most effective way of which to collect and assess data relating to the geophysical properties of a well. Well logging is also used to provide continuous downhole records as well as detailed pictures of gradual and abrupt changes in the physical properties of rocks, with the ideal result for oil and gas companies being the identification of the presence of oil or gas deposits.

When a well does not warrant dedicated coring tools, there used to be very little choice to get accurate data. Well logging bridges a gap between budget and purpose and its value to a number of industries cannot be understated.

But what exactly is logging data? This is something which offers a wealth of insight regarding the characteristics of rocks or sediments, in an accurate fashion. Well logging / geologging has very many applications in a number of industries.

For instance, geologging is an excell…
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The Different Types of Diamond Core Drilling in London and Beyond

Diamond Core Drilling in London, throughout the UK, and throughout the world is all used for the same purpose. Diamond Core Drilling is a technique that allows the manipulation of brittle materials such as glass, as well as set materials such as asphalt and concrete. It might not seem so, but concrete and glass have quite a lot of similarity. They are both materials which are strong in some respects and quite delicate in others.

Both glass and concrete are rather prone to shattering when in a set state, and both have the potential to have work on it create stress marks which will result in shattering sooner or later.

For the built environment, improperly drilled concrete is very much a ticking time bomb. One only has to look at the recent tragedy in Italy – the Genoa motorway bridge – and the 43 killed people as a result of the collapse in order to see why.

While indeed it has been ascertained that the strength of the bridge had been reduced by 20% by corrosion of the metal cables, Genoa…

HMRC Announces the Biggest Tax Payers for 2018

HMRC has published its annual report, and it has indicated that bankers and insurance brokers are facing a bigger financial burden in the form of income taxes than ever before. The report for 2018 has shown that both of these sectors form the Government’s largest source of tax revenue than any other industry this year. The total contribution of the finance sector to the Government’s pot is based upon the amount of tax deducted from pay cheques per year.

Of course, if you feel you’re paying too much tax on your wages, it can be difficult to make ends meet. For this purpose, it is well worth talking to a chartered accountant in North Wales. A good accountant in North Wales or beyond will be able to indicate to you just how exactly to make savings, so the burden is less. There are a number of tried, tested, and perfectly legal ways to lower your tax obligation, and HMRC has always capitalised on the veil of ignorance around them.

A good chartered accountant in North Wales will look at ev…

Why You Shouldn’t Install CCTV North Wales Yourself

When you have security concerns at your premises or even worse, your residence, there’s only one way to go. CCTV North Wales is required more so than ever before, and just having a system in place is an excellent deterrent to all but the most clueless of would-be burglars. (Even the most clueless won’t get far with a decent CCTV system in place.)
But how exactly should you go about getting an effective system up and running on your property?
More than likely you’ve considered just going on amazon or ebay, buying a security system, and dedicating a weekend to putting it up instead of going to a CCTV Installer in North Wales. Of course, this really isn’t a good idea. Most CCTV alarm systems in the UK are actually misconfigured- and misconfigured systems can definitely trip you up later.
There are a range of woes that can be experienced with a system which isn’t set up right – from evidence recorded on these systems not being admissible in court (online retailers tend to sell systems that d…

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Tackle the three Tallest Peaks in Yorkshire during this Tasking yet Rewarding Challenge.
The three largest peaks in all of Yorkshire are the subject of the great Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in which one or a group of people would tackle these three in unison in order to summit these in a mammoth 24-hour challenge, trekking from one to the next. Of course, this is a fantastic idea for someone who wants to push themselves to achieve something new and expand their boundaries and limitations. Budding mountaineers would be encouraged to get a little bit more experience before attempting to tackle this challenge, for example, you could check out walks which take a few hours before a full-day hiking bonanza. Having said that anyone with a reasonable level of fitness should be able to manage. The Yorkshire three peaks challenge takes place on three of Yorkshire’s tallest mountains. These are Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. They are usually attempted in this respective order. …

Expert Witness in Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas is a controversial field for very many reasons. While the world is not going to turn its back on fossil fuels for quite some time, there are a series of legal challenges associated with excavation, and the services of an oil and gas expert witness is in high demand by oil and gas companies throughout the world.

While of course the world turns toward renewable energy sources, environmental awareness has never been higher. Governments have been pressured to invest in renewable energy but the world at large is sadly unable to turn its back on the usage of fossil fuels just yet.

In an environmental sense, renewable energy sources such as nuclear, tidal, wind and solar power indeed have a way to go before they can truly overtake fossil fuels, and for this reason the usage of fossil fuels such as oil and gas is going to continue for quite some time until fledgling renewable technologies become viable on a global scale.

To this end, the demand for oil and gas remains rather high…

Effective Ways of Demolishing Concrete

Construction is a funny old business. There is no one more versed in the fact that living in an ideal world doesn’t exist than the average construction worker, due to the nature of the job. 
Concrete contractors, as well as controlled concrete demolition London experts in particular know and understand that an ideal world is not something which is all that common due to the nature of the product. Concrete itself, for all of the superiority it has over other building materials, is not known for being particularly forgiving and certainly not an easy thing to work with. As such, there are quite a few imperfectly placed columns, beams and slabs in any build.
What happens when something doesn’t exactly go to an architect’s plan?
Of course, imperfect features are altered or demolished. Controlled Concrete Demolition is of course is what should spring to mind, but how exactly is this done? No doubt the first thought in your mind has gone to detonations and explosives, but that is both an …