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How Can Medical Typists Help You?

Medical typists are integral to the smooth and efficient operation of the healthcare industry - they are transcription specialists who have a deep understanding of dictated medical language and terminology. They are able to competently respond to the specific and specialised transcription requirements of the medical profession. 

Doctors and specialists dictate their reports and medical typists transcribe these reports.  This means the medical typist needs to listen, discern, and then type the medical dictations into formalised medical reporting. If you are considering outsourcing medical transcription services it is important to consider the five key ways medical typists can help you and your practice.

Provide Accurate Medical Records

For any medical professional or medical practice maintaining accurate medical records is essential in delivering excellence in patient care and meeting legislative and other regulatory requirements.

Medical typists and medical transcription services are highly experienced in providing accurate medical records.  This means that the practitioner is able to focus on delivering consistently high-quality patient care, rather than worrying about maintaining administrative responsibilities outside their scope.

Provide Exceptional Proofreading Services

Despite the rollout of voice recognition software across the healthcare industry, the need for experienced and skilled medical typists remains. Even at its best, the software-generated text will contain errors that need to be corrected by people who have the language skills, specialised knowledge and understanding of the health industry. In these circumstances it is the medical typist who provides exceptional proofreading services to the medical professional, ensuring the accuracy of the completed report.

Knowledge of Medical Terminology

A medical typist can convert the doctor or specialist’s recorded dictations into a standardised, accurate, concise, and timely medical report.  They are very knowledgeable in medical terminology, including most medical specialities, language, grammar, specific formatting requirements, and relevant word processing programmes.

Help Reduce Costs

When you choose to outsource your medical transcription you no longer have to worry about the expenses involved in maintaining equipment to support transcription.  Even if you choose to partially outsource your medical transcription, this can still be a great way to reduce costs.

There for Staffing Emergencies

The reality is; the report must get to the patient or referred doctor, even when you’re short-staffed.  This is where a medical typist can stand in at short notice, and lighten the workload. Many healthcare professionals and practices find outsourcing their medical transcription needs particularly helpful during holiday periods when regular staff are unavailable.


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