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Efficient DC Drive Systems from Fracmo

When you are running an application that requires an electric motor, you will need the system to run effectively and smoothly as possible. An outsourced solution to a company that knows how to create efficient DC Drive Systems can be your best bet. Fracmo is one such company. Fracmo is a Denis Ferranti company based in Bangor, North Wales. They offer specialist designers of DC Drive Systems, and offer a CAD approach to design. Their drive systems consist of fractional or brushless DC motors, geared motors and gearboxes. Further design elements can be introduced, such as custom built multi speed gearboxes, when off the shelf solutions aren't available. Fracmo have a wealth of experience in designing and building custom systems for a variety of applications. As such, they are well suited for knowing your needs as a business and what you would like to achieve. For further details, please visit the Fracmo website.