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Young people fear using the motorway

In a recent report carried out by the AA Driving school has found that young motorists are not confident in using the motorway leading them to use the alternative A roads, reported by sky news. But statistics show that they are more likely to have a serious accident on an A road and they are putting themselves at greater risk. Also statistics show that driving on a motorway is safer than using an A road with a lot of research and technology gone into making a motorway as controlled and safe as possible for when a crash does occur. It seems that young motorists aren’t using the motorways due to lack of confidence, this is because it is rare that while a young person is learning to drive they wont be taken onto the motorway as part of the test as motorway usage isn’t part of the normal driving test. The survey that was carried out by the AA showed that out of 2,000 motorists 20% of men and 40% of women avoided motorways during the first year of driving. If these new young motor

Christmas office party

After a year of hard work its time to refresh ourselves enjoy Christmas and New Year to start all over in January. It’s important for you and your colleagues to have your own Christmas party so you can celebrate together and congratulate yourselves on all your hard work over the year. It will increase morale and most of all it will thank your team for the hard work over the year. A great way to keep your Christmas entertaining cost down while at the same time celebrate in style is to buy Christmas wine cases for you and your employees to enjoy. Watch out though for wine companies that will put together poor Christmas wine cases to make a profit, as once you get past the fancy wrapping and pretty basket you will be left with wine which will not impress and be of a poor quality. We recommend buying your Christmas wine cases for your Christmas party from GoodWineOnline. Buying your Christmas wine cases from GoodWineOnline will ensure you have a great selection of quality wines for a