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How To Survive the Apprenticeship Levy

North Wales is a region that’s jam packed full of small businesses, and from the recent news that a brand new apprenticeship levy is to come into effect from April 2017, a lot of small business owners that benefit from apprentice placements are starting to feel the strain. Apprenticeships are good for multiple reasons. Essentially, an apprenticeship allows a graduate to start a career in their chosen profession on a training basis, and pick up vital experience and confidence through work until they are at a position to be taken on as a full time employee – as well as directly benefiting employers, (often those which run smaller businesses) with workers which simply wouldn’t have been employed at a higher rate. Unfortunately, the new Apprentice Levy is making small business owners in particular rethink work placements, according to recent research conducted by XpertHR . The small print of the new levy demands that small business owners with a paybill of more than £3m per ye

Takeuchi Parts Supplied Quickly and Efficiently

It’s always a headache when new parts are required for your plant machinery.  It’s a long and arduous affair of making a series of phone calls, long waits, and inevitably being told that your investment and therefore the backbone of your business is going to stay out of commission a little longer, because particular parts can’t be supplied or sourced. This of course leaves your business in the cold. Targets are not met, work is not done (or done at a less than optimal rate) which leaves your team annoyed, your client annoyed, and additionally can provide a series of problems for the day to day running of your business – with health and safety concerns paramount. Of course, there’s the lottery of getting parts which are off-brand. These, while most of the time can be alright, can have an added layer of stress attached to them which means that your heavy machinery won’t be optional. Overall, even with the best performing off-brand parts, you’ll likely see that the lifespan of these