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Shareholders: Don’t Fall into the Dividends Trap

Very many owner directors of small companies across England and Wales are taking measures to reduce the companies’ overall tax and NIC costs by taking advantage of dividends to pay themselves a far lesser salary, which is typically around about enough to maintain their current state benefit entitlements and take any balance of remuneration from HMRC in the form of tax efficient benefits and dividends. It has been established that HMRC themselves have noticed quite a lot of claims throughout 2016 and 2017 compared to earlier years and has commented that it would like very much to “understand” the rise of the dividend claims, and this has made quite a few good, future thinking accountants in North Wales pensive, and companies nervous. Of course, it should be stated that claiming dividends is not an illegal form of getting relief for yourself as an individual, or even assisting your business, but it should be noted that this form of obtaining relief looks very much on borrowed tim

Time Domain Seismic Imaging and Depth Conversion

Depth Conversion is a robust, but iterative process which can offer a good amount of uncertainty when it comes to working out what is below. If you’re using VelPAK or Kingdom IHS in order to determine your depth, then there is help with the form of Velit, a Depth Conversion Software plugin which is designed to offer vast libraries which can take into account most scenarios regarding depth conversion. Velit is impressive indeed, and can offer a range of different scenarios regardless of the status of your potential asset. Whether it is marine or land based, and in a variety of different situations. Velit is also designed to be extremely user friendly and despite the fact that it’s a rather powerful tool with an expansive collection of libraries and methods, offers a far superior workflow which even straight out of the box is a major plus to running a vanilla version of Petrel or IHS Kingdom. Using Velit can enable you to get a more accurate depth conversion, which permits t

Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Evaluations you can Trust

When seeking a professional service that you can rely on in terms of efficiency, speed and skill, it may be difficult to choose from a long list of suitors which want the business of your firm, and the name of your assets for their portfolios. Each and every il and gas reserves firm of course wants the name of a prestigious, high value asset on their portfolio, so you may find yourself drowning in a sea of professionals which claim that they can be the difference between a strong prospect study and a weak one. That isn’t the case at all, as you might find. Established names rarely peddle for business, and Oil and Gas Reserves and Evaluation is a somewhat tricky field to even get into. When you’re looking at suitors, try to look for a firm with a solid base in respected organizations such as the society of petroleum evaluation engineers, as well as adherence to the SPE PRMS. Once you have a firm which can display relevance with these organizations, you’ll want to look at the firm