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Building Blocks, Block Paving, Balustrades & Pillar Manufacturers

Supplying North Wales and the North West UK region, Mona Precast are major manufacturers and suppliers of all types of concrete building products. They have been producing and delivering the highest quality concrete blocks, bricks and paviours for the construction and domestic industry for over 50 years. With a wide range of available items they are specialists at supplying precast paving, architectural and concrete building block paviour products. Mona Precasts block paviours are ideal for creating all types of block driveways and paved garden areas. With exceptional strength, durability and good looks a new Mona Precast drive will compliment all types of home, both traditional and contemporary, for many years to come! With a great range of colour choice options and designs available, It’s easy to make attractive new driveways and garden patio areas using Mona Precast paving paviours and block products. Mona Precast also manufacture and supply a great range of architectural gard

Hose Connectors

Buckley Industrial is a well established company that specialises in the power generation, chemical, food processing, paper and petrochemical industries. They cover the whole of the UK and Europe. They are a privately owned business that has been established since 1990. They specialise in hose inspection and hose testing , however they also manufacture flexible hose connectors. The hose connectors and made to specific customer requirements. They cover a wide range of industries including food, power generation, chemical and material handling. They can provide just one off specials, prototypes and also larger productions. Their ongoing communication with their clients enables them to confidently discuss their client’s new applications and also further their knowledge by listening to their client’s requirements; this in turn improves their products as technology progresses. Some of the connectors that Buckley Industrial has recently manufactured for their customers include:

Architectural Concrete Blocks & Block Paving

Supplying North Wales and the North West region, Mona Precast are major manufacturers and suppliers of all types of concrete building block products. They have been producing and delivering the highest quality concrete blocks, and bricks for the construction industry for over 50 years. With a wide range of paving products items available they are specialists at manufacturing and supplying concrete building blocks for any type of large commercial or smaller residential building project. Special fair finished architectural items can also be manufactured to clients own individual size, colour and specification allowing for items such as textured concrete reveals and window cills to be individually manufactured and supplied. Mona Precast can manufacture and supply both general purpose concrete blocks and high specification thermally efficient insulating blocks - direct to building sites as and when required. Mona Precasts lightweight insulation blocks are called Fibrotherm and hav

North Wales Builders

Alwyn Jones Limited is a Building and Civil engineering contractor based in Conwy, North Wales. The company has been growing steadily since 1983 when it was set up by Alwyn Jones, and has now come to be known as one of the top building contractors in the whole of North Wales. Alwyn Jones Ltd have a lot of knowledge and expertise on a diverse range of different types of projects, spanning from simple yet well constructed residential work which includes extensions, room refurbishment and renovations, to commercial buildings on a much larger scale which includes steel framed construction work, they also have a commercial property maintenance department which handles the upkeep of many business properties. Alwyn Jones Ltd has also had a lot of experience working in the civil engineering department and has completed a wide range of impressive contracts which include access road work, waste water management, sewage work and demolition. They specialize in remote work & demolition and

Residential Driving Courses

Learning to drive is such a stressful time, but have no fear, Glan Conwy School of Motoring (GSM) have come to the rescue to make the whole experience as stress free as possible. They offer residential driving courses in the beautiful tranquil area of North Wales. Just think quieter roads, beautiful scenery and quaint seaside accommodation. A residential driving course includes a week of lessons, theory & practical tests and accommodation; you will definitely be kept on your toes, but only for 1 week. It has to be the quickest way possible to learn to drive and pass a driving test. A residential driving course offers many benefits, although it can be very intensive with up to 5 hours a day, the benefit of this is, is that you are more likely to remember instructions as you will be continuously practising them, where as with individual lessons it is quite common for people to forget certain instruction that were taught in lessons a few weeks back. There are also a lot less d

Big Man Clothes

Trying to find clothes for + sizes has never been as easy task, so thank goodness for ‘Manshop’. This fantastic online shop (and high street store) caters for the larger man. The owners & brother in Law Colin Curran and Aiden Healy recognised the new demand for larger men’s attire, what with 60 years experience in the clothing industry, they now stock up to 58"chest, 60"waist and 23" Neck, an unfortunate rarity elsewhere. Their broad collection of high quality goods is also a rarity, which is what makes ‘Manshop’ such a brilliant place to shop. They offer clothing for almost all different occasions – Trousers, Jeans, T-Shirts, Shirts, Waistcoats, Pyjamas, Underwear Sports and swimwear, and if you have a special occasion coming up, you can request a wedding and evening-wear catalogue, which they will gladly send to you along with a price list, which is often a lot less than other places as a lot of the aforementioned is ex-rental. You can also purchase all of th

North Wales Architects

Tarmaster Jones is a North Wales based architects with over 30 years experience amongst their dynamic team and are renowned for being one of the best architect firms in Wales. They have a young, energetic and creative team who are capable of carrying out a variety of designs. They offer a quality service of specialised architecture, by a team of young experts. On their website they have a portfolio of photos and pictures; which include all of their own designs and proposals. Whatever the project, they will fulfil your needs and make an outstanding and breath-taking success of it. They offer different types of advice on architecture, planning, extensions, alterations, applications, appeals, urban design, town planning, loft, barn and chapel conservations and health and safety legalisation. Because they’re a registered RIBA architect in North Wales, they can provide you with a lot more than just plans, and sketches. They can create especially for you, a totally tailored design t

North Wales Accountants

Hate the thought of rifling through all those receipts at the end of the tax year? Well you don’t have to.... Leave it to the professionals instead…………. I must say, there are not many people that I know that enjoy working out their books at the end of the year, it is one of those jobs that you keep putting off until the last minute and then rush to get sorted before the end of the tax year. It can be a stressful time and when rushing, you are also prone to making mistakes (maybe even losing out on some of your hard earned cash to the tax man). Well look no further, Salisbury & Company are a well established chartered accountants based in St Asaph, North Wales. They have been in operation for many years and have a well experienced and thorough team on board to take care of all your accountancy needs. They offer a wide range of accountancy services that include; tax solutions to help maximise your profit and minimise your taxation exposure. Advice on grants and fundraisin