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For all you gardeners out there who are partaking in greenhouse activity - Have you got the right equipment? As you are probably aware, the conditions for nurturing your plants/herbs etc is extremely important if you want to see them blossom, as is having the appropriate equipment. Plants need space to breath so the environment is very important as is the positioning of them. Garden staging is essential for any greenhouse as it gives the space and storage for all those beloved plants to grow. Garden staging comes in a variety of sizes from single and multi layer to folding down staging, which is very easy to assemble and dissemble when you need some extra space. Garden staging looks just like a bench and is ideal for the storage/positioning of your plants. When you are tired of all the gardening and need to put your feet up, it is essential to have some lovely, comfy garden furniture to chill out and relax on and watch those little seedlings come to life. Great Garden Produ

Your complete Guide to Coffee

Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage all over the world. What ever country you go to you can be sure to find it on the menu. It is believed that coffee was first discovered around 800.b.C, in the Middle East but only came to Europe in the 15th century. During that time period it spread around the world becoming a popular international trade. The first coffee house ‘CafĂ©’ was opened in Europe in the 16th century and these fashionable social venues became popular all over the world. In this day and age you cannot walk down the street without seeing a Cafe. Coffee beans are grown mainly in four continents, Central & South America, Africa & Arabia, and Asia & the Pacific Rim. Brazil is the largest exporter of beans, exporting around 28 percent of the worlds output. Coffee beans are the world’s largest traded product after oil, with about 20 million people working in the coffee industry. Did you know that Coffee beans are not actually grown as beans, but as fr