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Psychology of Colour

It’s no big surprise that shop fronts of course are ultimately the most important part of your store. What else evokes a customer’s thoughts and impressions of a company, other than a shop? Absolutely nothing. A shop in itself is an expression of what sort of company a customer intends to set foot in, and any sort of establishment that finds itself lacking in this department may as well have the product on the floor, and be unmanned. Colour theory is that important. It’s a psychological influence that all retailers (large or small) make use of. An understanding of colour is nothing without access to a variety of amazing lighting devices such as LED Rope Lighting or LED Strip Lighting - which are a cheap, efficient, versatile and absolutely stunning way to convey message and theme. Oscar Wilde himself stated that - “Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” There were many ways that Oscar Wilde deserved bei

An Unclear Picture For 2017 Business Rates

A business rates revaluation is stated to hit North Wales in 2017 - expected to affect all businesses across the region. Expected to bring the largest change to business rates for high street retailers in a generation, it will be the first revaluation by the Valuation Office Agency since 2010. The business rate revaluation is set to be confusing, especially for business owners in Wales. As power is passed from London to the Welsh Government, business owners in Wales cannot yet be certain of what the change to business rates will entail. For anyone confused or worried, we recommend a number of accountants in North Wales which have the knowledge and experience on making this change as painless as possible. A good accountant also has a number of services to offer business owners such as due diligence, bank negotiations, transactions, grants, fundraising and tax solutions, to name a few. The period of 2010 to 2017, thanks to the global recession and the subsequent recovery has broug