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Financial Planning for 2018

Many of us look to make changes in the new year, and it pays to ensure that these changes are viable, and not simply made for the sake of making changes. This is especially true in business – it pays (quite literally in some cases) to have the services of a chartered accountant in North Wales to hand in a series of transactions and decisions throughout the course of your business. A good chartered accountant will ensure that your savings, your investments, and also your livelihood is not left to chance and  we’ve put together a small list of pointers in order to discuss with your accountant or your business advisor at the closest possible opportunity. Firstly, before you speak to anyone, you’ll want to consider your goals. A good review of your long and short-term financial goals can do wonders before you speak to anyone, as only you have the insight into your livelihood in order to ascertain if they are still relevant to where your business is going, what is still attainab