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Our Guide to Choosing the Best LED Supplier for You

We love the LED Industry. With countless years of research, development, financial backing and enthusiasm behind it, this little fledgling incentive to save the planet has become an absolute behemoth – with LED products, with their truly remarkable long life, considerable power savings and excellent value for money turning countless businesses, companies, councils and even governments toward committing time and money in order to retrofit existing amenities to support brand new LED lighting. Of course, money is the driving factor when it comes to most LED retrofits – the certainty of saving a lot of money through the utilisation of LED devices is very alluring, and the benefits of which will be reaped for years to come, but the environment is also a large factor which simply can't be ignored. The world, unfortunately, is at breaking point. With humanity causing varying problems within the environment, it’s a sad fact that we may very well leave those that come after us – th

The Bigger They Are: A Case For Accountants

Many of us seem to think that accountancy is easy. For the uninitiated, keeping track of one’s accounts is a simple act of addition and subtraction, though it couldn’t be further from the truth. Accountancy is quite an in-depth affair, and even small businesses can struggle when it comes to meeting regulation and meeting basic standards – standards that are rising with the Government’s introduction with Making Tax Digital, and it’s much feared quarterly tax report. The services of a good chartered accountant in North Wales or further beyond are absolutely invaluable – take the recent, and rather well documented case of Upul Eshine Kulasinghe- the 68-year old director of Pure Strategic Limited. Unfortunately, Kulasinghe was disqualified from his position as company director after an insolvency service investigation found that he had failed to maintain and preserve adequate accounting records. Kulasinghe furthermore failed to verify £274,346 of company expenditure. Likewi

Making Tax Digital – Make Sure It’s Right

HMRC have been consulting on the digitalization of tax returns for quite a while now, and it’s findings have been somewhat disturbing for small businesses. The Making Tax Digital project has been much vaunted by the government since its establishment within mid 2015, and the project is well known to impose quarterly digital tax recording upon small and medium sized enterprises.   This is mostly due to the fact that under the new system to provide taxation information online, mandatory quarterly digital tax reporting. Without the aid of a chartered accountant in North Wales or beyond, this can be rather daunting for most small to medium sized businesses – especially given the fact that it has been reported that most businesses that do not benefit from the aid of an accountant and tax advisor service do not keep electronic accounts of detailed records. A report by Lloyds Bank states that “1.4 million small businesses have no digital skills whatsoever” and HMRC has recentl