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Reducing Uncertainty in Construction Business

Uncertainty is an interesting concept, and one that is integral to construction companies North Wales . Every single project in construction and civil engineering is subject to uncertainty, whether it’s a simple matter of uncertainty in estimation (which of course can be problematic in more complex programmes) and it is a generally considered fact that even the most experienced construction project managers do indeed have some difficulty handling uncertainty in matters of construction and civil engineering. Uncertainty is not insurmountable. Decision milestones can often help with anticipation of outcomes, and good risk management structures can prevent disasters and of course help ensure that all are on board, and all units of construction are making the desired product. However, decision milestones are not exactly a failsafe in order to make sure that a project has absolutely no uncertainty – especially in unforeseen site conditions, as well as the very real possibility of d

Employing Staff as a Sole Trader

Did you know that as a sole trader, you can employ members of staff? Very many sole traders across North Wales and beyond take the status a little too literally and take the term at face value, often working alone and ending up doomed to failure by being far too overburdened by public demand. Any accountant in North Wales worth their salt will disagree with the notion that being a sole trader means that you have to go it alone – being a sole trader is actually characterised by the fact that you own the business and are responsible for it on your own. This of course can be quite a double edged sword with the fact that if anything does go wrong with the company, you personally are liable for it. As the saying goes – with great power comes great responsibility – and the services of a good accountant are absolutely paramount in all manner of pressing matters. Don’t feel that as a sole trader you get it easy in other respects, either. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sole tra