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Fibre Optic Cables Reach to Somalia

One of the most notoriously disadvantaged countries in the world looks like it could be one of the newest regions in the world to benefit from the implementation of Fiber Optics and it couldn’t be achieved without Fiber Optic Cables . A Mauritian company is behind the new initiative in what will allow the Horn of Africa to catch up with its neighbours. Understandably, network connection in the area has been lacking and this is what led the company to expand in the country. Crossing the Kenya-Somalia border, the connection will link up directly with Somalia’s already present telecom services and the transition should be relatively straightforward. Two businesses will combine in what has been coined, “a significant accomplishment for both companies.”  When you weigh up how beneficial this will be for the area as well, the whole project could be a resounding success. With a reported $250 million going into the expansion across the west of Africa and connections already be

Food & Beverage Cable Manufacturers Receive Boost

The British based supermarket chain Marks & Spencer have released plans to open up a plethora of new stores  leading up to 2016 – fantastic news for food & beverage cable manufacturers who supply them with their high-end cabling solutions. Despite the economic difficulties raising issues for any business, the wildly popular range of M&S stores have found real success in the food sector with their produce outstripping their clothes and homeware products by some distance. This has lead to internal plans to add more food stores to locations all over the country. Rather than just rest on their laurels in the U.K, the group are ambitiously planning to dip into the European market even further after their great turnover with stores in Holland being in high-demand. French airports are set to play host to 10 M&S food stores and is something that will appeal to those after the finer tastes on their travels. All of this bodes very well for the food production secto

New Self Storage Facilities to be Launched in Southampton

With the self storage being an industry showing impressive growth despite the economic downturn, it probably comes as no surprise to hear that new storage facilities are being opened all the time.  A recent survey of UK self storage operators found that 11% of companies are planning to expand in 2014.  One company that already has this process underway is the Self Storage Southampton UK operation.  Over the coming months they plan to open up new premises in the Docklands area of the city and are already pressing ahead with their new website and social media strategy to support the launch. New Youtube Videos To date, the online marketing team behind the project have been actively promoting a new set of Youtube videos to support the launch (one of which you can see embedded below or alternatively view it on Youtube on the Southampton Self Storage channel. As well as these videos, a new website has been launched which includes everything a prospective customer would need to know b

What is Indemnity Insurance and Why do you Need It?

Business insurance Liverpool is important for all companies in the Liverpool area. You need the right Professional indemnity insurance is a kind of business insurance for companies who regularly give advice to clients as part of their business services and whose services may include holding onto or having access to sensitive information on behalf of their clients.  insurance for your business but which companies needs indemnity insurance and why is it important? For these businesses it is important to have the right cover and comprehensive cover in the event of a lawsuit. It is not nice to think about but we live in an age of litigation. You may be professional, careful and offer excellent services to your clients but it is still possible that you may face litigation at some point and it is best to always be prepared and know your rights and obligations. The kind of businesses most likely to be affected and require professional indemnity insurance are secretarial services, book