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How to Pay your Self-Assessment Tax Bill in 2020

If you have a self-assessment tax bill to pay for the 2018-19 fiscal year, you need to pay HMRC by 31 January 2020. Accountants Conwy can help you get through submitting your tax return by the official self-assessment deadline of 31 January. Here are the ways in which you can pay your tax bill, including PAYE, and payment on account. There are also some considerations to be made if you expect to be late paying your bill.  How Can I Pay My Self-Assessment Tax Bill? Many people are of the belief that self-assessment tax is only associated with those who are self-employed, but in actual fact, there are many people who must submit a tax return each year.  They include those who earn more than £100,000 as an employee or a pensioner, anyone who owes capital gains tax from selling assets, those who receive taxable income from abroad and anyone who’s earned £2,500 or more in untaxed income. Depending on your circumstances, this may be due in a lump sum on 31 January,