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Tassimo Professional

Tassimo Professional is an brand new state of the art drink making system with an integrated LCD display to help guide you, step by step, to making a perfect drink and personalising it to suit individual taste preferences. Once you insert your choice of 'T DISC', the Tassimo Professional machine will scan the bar code on your 'T DISC' to ensure your drink is delivered at the right temperature, pressure and volume. So all that is left for you to do is personalise it and importantly enjoy your drink the way you like it. The Tassimo Professional machine is perfect for any office environment, where delicious drinks can be made fast, hassle free and to an individuals taste. Tassimo is perfect for any office coffee supplies! The Tassimo Professional drinks machine, along with accessories to go along with it can all be purchased at

Kenco Coffee Supplies

If you’re in need of anything even slightly related to Coffee, may it be Coffee Machines, Kenco Singles, Instant Coffee Big Tins, portable sticks or paper cups and plastic lids all for the office, it can all be found for fantastic prices at The new site offers customers great choice of Kenco Coffee itself, as well as many machines and possible add-ons with fantastic service, the easy to use website is perfect for making purchases. All the leading manufacturers’ products are ready, available to purchase on demand, and if you have any problems, the consumer phone line will answer any queries you may have. The selection available suits any work office as Coffee supplies including Kenco singles, Fresh Seal, In-Cup, Instant, Bean to Cup, Pour and Serve, Consumables, Hot Water Boilers, Water Coolers all with great products stemming from there titles. Whether you need a whole new machine, or simply some supplies, you can get it all at Discount Coffee Supplies!