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Carbon Neutrality – Why It’s Important For Your Business to Address It

You might have heard on the news as of late about quite a row going on about climate change. It’s never been more imperative that the planet is looked after, and it’s really not hard at all to see why. Temperatures are breaking records all around the world, and while it doesn’t sound all that terrible, it feels shocking to think that the planet is getting warmer and warmer and the average temperature of the earth has skyrocketed at a rate which is higher than ever before throughout the 21 st Century. There’s more greenhouse gases than ever in the Earth’s atmosphere, and Earth Overshoot Day – a day which was devised to be the marker of when the average usage of resources throughout a single year outstrips what the Earth can actually replenish in a year – is getting sooner and sooner. In 2016, it stood at August the 8 th . In effect, if you’re paid at the end of the month, you’ve gone overdrawn just past the 15 th of every month. Terrible? Yes. But, there’s so many thi