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Unitisation and Redetermination

Boring, searching for and obtaining what is buried underground can be a very challenging activity for even the most accomplished of companies, as sub-surface strata can only be very vaguely defined, and the challenges within such numerous and unique. In circumstances where the act of obtaining valuable resources can be problematic and very trying as a matter of course, the questions of where the resource is, how much of it there is, and who exactly has the right to obtain it are absolutely critical events which simply cannot be ignored. It's a fact within any sort of project that Unitisation and Redetermination Expert Witness services are crucial in it's field life. Within the equity process, excellence in technical evaluations, proper understanding of procedure, excellent time management and utterly critical evaluation of points of argument all contribute directly to success, and you’ll want an expert service which has proven itself when it comes to equity work. Lo

Some Light Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Switch – Here’s Why

LED products, be them LED strip lights , rope lights, colour panels, bulbs or lamps, are providing to be unbelievably popular. Large city councils have started actively retrofitting existing street lighting in order to take advantage of the wealth of money which can be saved with the conversion, homeowners have started to retrofit houses and enjoy amazing creations such as LED wallpaper, and commercial premises seem to each be taking advantage of the fantastic displays and focal points which can be created with LED Lighting. But, there’s a few companies out there which still have a massive stake in inefficient, deadly and extremely bad for the environment products such as CFL and Halogen bulbs, and all manner of silly statements are made in order to subvert consumers from making the switch. Some of these are that LED lighting has an expensive installation price. Others range between more and more ridiculous subjects, such as LED lighting will interfere with your sleep patterns,

The Best Support for your Venture

In matters of reservoir simulation and engineering studies, one company springs to mind across multitudes situated worldwide. ERC Equipoise are a London-based independent oil and gas reservoir evaluation company with offices in Singapore and Dubai, which stand head and shoulders above their competition when it comes to matters of reservoir engineering study and simulation. ERC Equipoise combine a wide variety of industry technique, practical experience and know-how and their talented team of geoscientists have enough expertise to truly maximise the use of data within their reservoir engineering studies. When it comes to it, Independent Oil Companies want and need a clear understanding of their assets, as well as the limitations and uncertainty involved within analysis of their sites to prevent mismanagement of assets and loss related to it. No two projects are ever the same, and ERC Equipoise come equipped for anything – regularly called upon to provide anything from

How a Business Can Use a Bridging Loan

If your business is seeing rapid growth and you’re considering new premises a bridging loan might be for you in financing your new property.  The very nature of a mortgage means that it can be a very slow process, whist bridging loans are characterised by a much speedier process. Not to be considered as a long term financing solution, they are usually set at a higher interest rate. But what are the other benefits of a bridging loan to a business compared to a mortgage. Buy Property Fast As noted above, applications for a bridging loan are usually much shorter due to their nature of being a short term financing solution, bridging the gap until a longer term financing solution comes into place. The introduction of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) rules in April 2014 means that the application process for a mortgage is a lot more rigorous. Of course, great property’s come and go very quickly which means sometimes you need to act fast. When you’re buying from a property auction