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What is Vacuum and Nitrogen Testing used for?

Vacuum and Nitrogen testing play incredibly important roles when it comes to securing and guaranteeing the fully functioning operation of your application  that makes use of industrial hoses. Each of these testing methods are used for different reasons. Vacuum Testing Vacuum testing of hoses is used for suction related applications, whereby it will work to find the faults, if any with your hosing system. The aim of undertaking this type of testing is to ensure you are putting into operation a fully functioning, rigid hose system. It is often used in other ways that are not limited to applications that use high pressure, identifying potentially drastic leaks. Vacuum testing is an advanced form of testing that tests subject hose assemblies to any negative pressure, reading down to a total vacuum state (-29.92 in Hg - inches of mercury). Nitrogen Testing A common form of testing for those applications that use water, nitrogen testing allows us to identify leaks through the