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Landlord’s Insurance Liverpool

Landlord’s Insurance in Liverpool is a particularly important form of insurance to consider if you are applicable. Why is landlord’s insurance Liverpool especially important? Liverpool is a large city with a massive student population. It boasts 4 universities, several colleges and the prestigious Liverpool School of the Arts. This means that there is a very high turnover of residents in the city. Thousands of students are coming and going every single year and all of them need somewhere to live during their studies. Many will live in University halls in their first year but most prefer or need to move into privately rented accommodation in their second and third years due to space requirements. This scenario has created a good opportunity for landlords to make money, however if you are a landlord and are considering offering student accommodation for the first time you should be aware of the potential risks. Landlord’s offering accommodation to students must have proper landlo

Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses provide structural support for your roof and for your home. They are not visible when looking up at a house but they are a very essential part of the construction. The Roof Truss, also referred to as the rafter is the frame of the roof which holds the walls in place and gives structure to the house. They are normally triangular shaped and connected together with timber or galvanised metal shapes. They can either span between block work or be built into the wall construction. Wooden trusses are more common in domestic properties but galvanised metal, mainly steel is used more frequently in commercial properties due to it being good value for money, strong, weather durable and easy to repair. As Roof Trusses are such a massive part of the construction of the house, it is imperative that they are to the correct quality and standards needed in order to provide support for the roof, so the rest of the structure does not become affected. It is important that when you are a

Commercial Insurance Brokers Manchester

What is a commercial insurance broker? A commercial insurance broker is an individual or company who specialises in providing insurance for businesses and companies rather than for individuals or domestic insurance. Why should you seek commercial insurance brokers Manchester ?   If you own a business in the Manchester area you need to have proper cover in the event in a claim being made, whether it is you who are making the claim or a client or customer making a claim against you. It is not pleasant to think about such possibilities but it is always best to be prepared. There are all sorts of situations that can arise when a claim could be made, for example, damage to your business property such as a roof leak, burglary of your stock, injury to a tradesman, wrong advice being given to a client, loss of databases or loss of confidential information. The list goes on and these are all very different but very serious and possible scenarios. You must make sure your company is prote

LED Rope Lights are everywhere this Christmas

LED ribbon tape and LED rope lights are two of the most popular LED products. LED technology is increasingly popular as a main form of lighting. It used to be seen as experimental and mainly used for decorative lights at Christmas. This was thanks to the great range of colours LEDs can produce compared to other lights. Nowadays LED technology has much improved and it is being recognised as one of the best lighting solutions owing to its energy efficiency. LEDs save money because they use less electricity and are therefore more environmentally friendly. They are safer since they do not produce as much excess heat as other forms of lighting. LEDs are now used in a vast range of applications such as residential lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, retail and exhibition lighting and even agricultural lighting. They are the ideal lighting product for any use. LED tape and LED ribbon strips can be easily applied to most surfaces. They have no fixtures to worry about and ca