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Design and Construct Professional Indemnity Insurance - What is it?

Design and Construct Professional Indemnity Insurance Lancashire is a specific type of insurance aimed at the construction industry. It is designed to protect professional services such as architectural firms, electricians and so much more. Do You Need Design and Construct Professional Indemnity Insurance? If your business incorporates an element of design or specification then yes. Whether or not your company or a third-party carries out the design work, it is important that you still have the insurance in place as you may face liability claims against you in the future. To eliminate your risk of exposure to claims it is best taking a “better safe than sorry” approach. Does Public Liability Insurance Cover Design and Construct? Public Liability Insurance doesn’t cover all the risks associated with Design and Construct businesses. Design and Construct Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover specialist roles that are associated to your business in particular.  Standard Public Liabi

What Are Transcription Services?

Transcription services  deliver speech to text. This is most often achieved using pre-recorded audio files. But, video to text services are common. Transcripts are either typed by hand or produced using automatic speech recognition (ASR) software. If this is your first time investigating transcription services, the number of choices, prices and transcript options can seem overwhelming. But, things aren’t as complicated as they seem. The truth is that although there are a lot of transcription service providers, most simply offer another brand on the same package of services. Here, we will explain what you need to know to get the transcript you need. But, first, we should look at who uses transcription services and why they are needed.   Who Uses Transcription Services & Why? You need transcription services! But, the specific reason that you are seeking a transcript will impact what transcription service is best for you. Getting a text transcript of dictated notes, for example, is a

Tax Deadline Guide & Accountants in North Wales

As accountants in North Wales will tell you, you can sometimes have such a busy schedule where your services are so in demand that a couple of important clerical things slip your mind. There are so many different aspects, forms and details to fill out correctly when it comes to self-assessment tax that you could be wary of doing it at all. However, thanks to higher levels of stringency when it comes to governmental regulations, it is now more important than ever that you correctly self-asses your finances. Have no tax data to send? Well, you will now still have to fill out the form or face a £100 charge. It’s these kind of new regulations which make it absolutely necessary that you’re up to date and completely clued in on how to properly self-assess. The following tips are specifically applied to contractors but it could be proper practice for anyone to consider before the 31 st of January. Collate all your information Gathering all possible documentation is much better than

5 Things Which Can Help your Restaurant Kitchen Run More Efficiently

Running a restaurant or it’s kitchen can be a very overwhelming job, every detail counts - especially when it comes to the kitchen! After making sure that your catering equipment North Wales is in its best working condition, then there are a few other things to look at.  How can I get my restaurant kitchen to run more efficiently? Listen to the feedback from your employees.  It’s easy to become set in your ways, and believe that your way is best. However, a successful and true leader listens to what their staff has to say, and takes on any recommendations. Consider observing a full service from start to finish to get a real grasp of how things are running. Talk to the staff throughout to understand what challenges they are facing, and what their best way to overcome them would be. Being too controlling over their actions can have a negative impact, so teach them to work independently, and success should come naturally. Streamline your menu choices.  Whilst its great to