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What is a MOT?

A MOT is something which is mandatory for all cars which happen to be over three years old. This is a mandatory test which ensues tests for the cars roadworthiness, and regular MOT testing is required by law.  This can be done at a MOT Conwy Centre or even a local council test centre, depending on your preference. It should be kept in mind that local council centres do not carry out repairs, so if something is wrong it can be quite an arduous task to get your car to where it can be repaired. There are a number of excellent MOT Conwy Centres, which can repair your car whether the issue is big or small, all in one. The thought of having a MOT done every year isn’t a good one, and can often conjure thoughts of budgeting and unnecessary expense, but it really needs to be done. A car is a complex machine with hundreds of different ways of which accidents can be caused (and even better – a complex machine with all of that, that can travel at 110mph) so it really does stand to sense to e

Do You Need A Refrigerated Trailer?

If you’ve found yourself craving more space or the ability to be more mobile, perhaps a refrigerated trailer is just what you’ve been looking for! Whether you run a restaurant and need somewhere to store produce or a florist who needs to keep flowers at an optimal temperature, refrigerated trailer hire in the North West is a great way to benefit your company. One of the reasons you may be considering a refrigerated trailer may be because you are unsure whether to invest in a long-term storage solution. By hiring out a refrigerated trailer, you can experience the benefits of cold storage without a large investment. Delivered straight to your front door, your trailer will be completely customisable in terms of temperature and intended use. A mobile solution will allow you to expand your business and reach new customers, taking it wherever you please. Although your business may have a car, it is hardly an ideal way to transport your product and is often a less than optimal environment wh