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Pass Plus Advanced Driving

The Pass Plus Driving Scheme is ran in the United Kingdom to help reduce the amount of accidents and injuries that happen on the roads. The Pass Plus scheme is aimed towards recently passed drivers who are still new to the roads. The Pass Plus test is ran by certain driving schools and can only be taken after the initial driving test has been passed. Pass Plus was introduced in 1995 to help fight against the rise of crashes involving drivers who had recently passed their test. The Pass Plus was designed by the Driving Standards Agency in the UK to features the most important things and road conditions that are not covered in normal driving lessons and the original test. The Pass Plus scheme isn’t compulsory, however, many experienced drivers and instructors would recommend it to be taken as it will boost the drivers confidence whilst out of the roads, increase their awareness even more than usual and it brings a great perk to driving, Cheaper car insurance! The scheme consists of