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Oil and Gas Exploration - Choose Experience

Oil and Gas Exploration and Appraisal is a very drawn out process, and it helps to work with a firm which has completed successful  Oil and Gas Exploration   projects throughout a period of very many years. Reputation counts when it comes to high value sites and minimising risk - as well as experience. You’ll likely need a firm which is capable of all manner of oil and gas prospect studies, including identification, risking, and also ranking. ERC Equipoise is a London based company which has worked in many regions of the world in the field of Oil and Gas Prospective resource studies including experience in West Africa, both in pre and post salt environments, as well as the offshore Nile Delta in challenging deep water environments. Their experience is highlighted by varying other operations. In the North Atlantic and Arctic, ERC Equipoise have completed a number of explorations of the ocean at a number of sites including the Barents sea in Norway, at offshore sites in Green

Why Use Heating Oil in North Wales?

In rural areas of the UK, mains gas is not always available within households. If your home is not connected to the mains gas grid, it’s likely you’ll using either LPG, electricity or heating oil to keep your home toasty. Heating oil in North Wales is a popular option amongst those without access to mains gas, due to kerosene being one of the most affordable home heating options. If you use heating oil within your home, there are numerous advantages to purchasing from a regular supplier. Purchasing heating oil from a single supplier means that they can offer a variety of ongoing services, which can often be tailored to your personal fuel usage. This can include payment plans, delivery schedules and remote fuel tank monitoring. So what are the benefits of heating oil over alternative methods? Heating oil is stored within a tank which is installed outside your property. Unlike LPG gas where you typically rent a tank to store your fuel, heating oil requires you to purchase your