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Turnaround Time in Medical Transcription Services

Here are some of the things you should look for in terms of turnaround time whilst outsourcing your medical transcription needs.  What is ‘turnaround time’? The phrase ‘turnaround time’ is fairly ambiguous and can vary wildly in what it means depending on the task. To a GP practice, it may mean the time it takes for clinical correspondence to be dictated, typed, checked, posted and delivered to its recipient. To a transcription services company, it usually means the time taken to receive a dictation, for it to be allocated to a typist and be typed, before going through a quality check stage and then returned to the practice. Here are a few main points that need to be considered when understanding turnaround times: Current typing pool practice Practice/NHS guidelines Turnaround time hidden costs Internal Resources Most GP surgeries operate with an internal admin team who have numerous responsibilities within their job roles, typing being a part of this role. Usually, a GP will dictate