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Kenco Coffee Vending Machines

Vending machines dispense many different goods when coins are inserted into the machine. Goods commonly sold in vending machines include sweets, soft drinks, ice cream, cigarettes, hot drinks and other small consumer goods. These machines are commonly found in places such as sport centres, hospitals, offices, airports, shops, hairdressers, shopping centres and many more locations.

A vending machine usually operates through a linkage system, normally locked by a pin. The pin is moved when the correct coins have been inserted, allowing the selector rod to travel the full distance and activate the linkage. Electric machines may use a different way, in which a series of switches are activated through a coin triggered micro switch and when a selection is made, a locking mechanism prevents the simultaneous operation of the other selectors.

The machine will feature an essential device called a coin tester, which will fundamentally reject any counterfeit, defective or incorrect coins before they can enter the release compartment. The coins are usually measured by the tester for the weight, thickness and diameter. Many machines use a device which measures the speed as it passes a strong permanent magnet, before making its way to releasing the mechanism. If at any stage of the vending machine process a coin is found irregular, then it will be rejected and discharged through a coin slot on the machine.

Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita, with roughly one vending machine for every twenty three people, not only selling typical refreshments, but more obscure goods; such as clothing, iPods, magazines, ice creams, live lobsters, fish, fresh meat, potted plants, eggs and much more.

A Kenco Coffee Machine can be very useful to have as office coffee suppliesalways go down well in a working environment as well as for personal use, it can be both useful and profitable for restaurants, cafés, shops and offices and should therefore be selected to fit the purpose for maximum efficiency. The size and capacity of the machine are major factors that must be considered when purchasing are renting one of these, so you should have a clear vision of what purpose you want it to serve before you get one. There are many coffee vending suppliers in the United Kingdom and it is of course always best to use a reputable, reliable supplier, such as Kenco Coffee Supplies


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