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Building Blocks, Block Paving, Balustrades & Pillar Manufacturers

Supplying North Wales and the North West UK region, Mona Precast are major manufacturers and suppliers of all types of concrete building products. They have been producing and delivering the highest quality concrete blocks, bricks and paviours for the construction and domestic industry for over 50 years. With a wide range of available items they are specialists at supplying precast paving, architectural and concrete building block paviour products.

Mona Precasts block paviours are ideal for creating all types of block driveways and paved garden areas. With exceptional strength, durability and good looks a new Mona Precast drive will compliment all types of home, both traditional and contemporary, for many years to come!
With a great range of colour choice options and designs available, It’s easy to make attractive new driveways and garden patio areas using Mona Precast paving paviours and block products.

Mona Precast also manufacture and supply a great range of architectural garden products. Comprising of balustrades, pillars, copings and bases, the garden architectural balustrade system is designed to make beautiful patio and garden walls and garden edgings. Available separately the architectural balustrading and pillar components complement each other perfectly, and used together they bring a classical timeless quality to any garden wall project.

Mona Precast are also major manufacturers and suppliers of concrete building blocks and are able to supply blocks for use in all type of building applications, the concrete blocks are suitable for both large and small building projects.

With colours formed by using natural local aggregates, Mona Precasts special range of split face blocks and quoins feature textured faces that add architectural interest to any new building, wall and landscaping projects.

Achieving rigorous technical standard requirements - Mona Precast’s solid, cellular and hollow concrete blocks are available in a variety of industry standard sizes and finishes. Their strong, heavy, and durable Monacrete Concrete Blocks are further enhanced by the choice of finished textures and colours available, including a paint grade finished face. The fair finish Monacrete Concrete Block provides a very attractive smooth textured high quality finish.

Mona Precasts Monalight and GPI concrete blocks are strong high quality lightweight concrete building blocks that achieve good sound and fire resistance. With a choice of finished textures available including a paint grade finish the Monalight GPI blocks are ideal for general purpose use.

For additional insulation values, Mona Precast’s Fibrotherm blocks make an ideal choice. These extremely lightweight solid blocks have excellent additional thermal qualities, and together with their excellent fire resistance and ease of use make them a popular lightweight building block.

The energy performance of buildings is increasingly important and achieving a current u-value building regulation requirement of 0.30W/m2k is easy using Mona Precast concrete block products.

Mona Precast are able to offer technical advice and help with all their products.


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