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Fibre Optic Cables Reach to Somalia

One of the most notoriously disadvantaged countries in the world looks like it could be one of the newest regions in the world to benefit from the implementation of Fiber Optics and it couldn’t be achieved without Fiber Optic Cables.

A Mauritian company is behind the new initiative in what will allow the Horn of Africa to catch up with its neighbours. Understandably, network connection in the area has been lacking and this is what led the company to expand in the country.

Crossing the Kenya-Somalia border, the connection will link up directly with Somalia’s already present telecom services and the transition should be relatively straightforward. Two businesses will combine in what has been coined, “a significant accomplishment for both companies.” When you weigh up how beneficial this will be for the area as well, the whole project could be a resounding success.

With a reported $250 million going into the expansion across the west of Africa and connections already being established in places such Rwanda and Zimbabwe, it could be great news for the entire continent.
In what has been only been seen as a real feat of pioneering over the past 10 years (although its origins trace back to the 1840’s), continents all over the world are gaining high-speed connections by interlinking the cables across grand stretches. You will find plenty of network cables in the sea with it being the ideal place to keep such lucrative property.

As for the fibre optic cables themselves, they can only be of the highest quality. This is down to them needing to resist all sorts of elements throughout the year. Whether it is radiation, general weathering or abrasion, they need to be coated in the finest and most robust materials.

With so many people converting to fibre optics for networking, it should be worth noting that they are available in version suited to the indoors and outdoors and can be found from all good suppliers.


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