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Food & Beverage Cable Manufacturers Receive Boost

The British based supermarket chain Marks & Spencer have released plans to open up a plethora of new stores leading up to 2016 – fantastic news for food & beverage cable manufacturers who supply them with their high-end cabling solutions.

Despite the economic difficulties raising issues for any business, the wildly popular range of M&S stores have found real success in the food sector with their produce outstripping their clothes and homeware products by some distance. This has lead to internal plans to add more food stores to locations all over the country.

Rather than just rest on their laurels in the U.K, the group are ambitiously planning to dip into the European market even further after their great turnover with stores in Holland being in high-demand. French airports are set to play host to 10 M&S food stores and is something that will appeal to those after the finer tastes on their travels.

All of this bodes very well for the food production sector with M&S also announcing that they’re going to increase on their 1,100 original products in the near future. With an increase in demand, the industry businesses will have to ensure they have the right and only the best equipment.

For mass production, there’s an absolute necessity to use the best cabling components around for a varying range of applications. Dairy processing is one such sector with the utmost care needed to go in to ensure that milk and other goods are correctly processed ready for distribution.

Other produce to take into account are meats, baked goods, bottles for drinks and packaging. These are some of the fundamentals of any food store and without them; it would be quite the bare shop.

Therefore, to ensure the correct working environment, you need to have access to any range of cabling solutions which can benefit you in terms of hygiene and reliability by offering resistance to chemical, thermal and physical degradation.

With the future looking bright in Britain for the food sector, the professionals behind the workings of manufacturing are set for a lot of success in the coming years.


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