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Swayne Johnson Solicitors North Wales Assist in Dementia Awareness Week

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Swayne Johnson Solicitors North Wales have four offices throughout the North Wales region in St Asaph, Denbigh, Ruthin and Llandudno. They are highly involved in supporting their local community and sponsor a wide range of charities and local organisations.

This May 2015 Swayne Johnson Solicitors North Wales were once again involved in supporting National Dementia Awareness Week in their Ruthin Office.

Solicitor Krystal Garnett at Swayne Johnsons is a Dementia Friend Champion and offered a week’s worth of informational sessions at the Ruthin offer in May for Dementia Awareness Week. This gave local people the opportunity to learn more about Dementia and how they can be supportive of those with Dementia right here in North Wales.

A coffee morning was also held by Swayne Johnsons Ruthin offer with all money raised going to Alzheimer’s Society. The Dementia Awareness Week events were a great success with many signing up to attend the informational sessions and a great deal was learned by all who came along.

The Dementia Friends programme is an important initiative to help people understand the nuanced issues those with Dementia and their families face. It is not just a case of losing your memory.

It is wonderful to see local businesses like Swayne Johnsons supporting vulnerable individuals in the North Wales region and educating others on how they can do more.

Swayne Johnsons contributions to Dementia Awareness Week are just one of the charitable events they support and host. Later this June Swayne Johnson Solicitors St Asaph office will be hosting a special charity event to raise money for Marie Curie cancer nurses.

If you would like to find out more about this event or other charitable events and work with Swayne Johnson Solicitors North Wales then keep up to date news page. 


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