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New Coworking Space vs Traditional Office Space

Traditional offices are slowly undergoing somewhat of an identity crisis. For some industries, it is shifting to the point where we don’t actually need physical offices anymore. Many workers could quite simply work from Starbucks or CafĂ© Nero - or hotdesking/collaborative spaces such as The Drum Coworking North Wales.

Rewind time, and we find that offices were required to support its occupants in performing their jobs, at minimum cost and maximum satisfaction. It was a communication hub that was established in order to receive mail, meet with business colleagues, and ensure employees were getting their work done.

Are these the values and reasons why we use traditional offices now?

Mail service may still be relevant – though even that is hugely digitalised nowadays. We are able to communicate easily and concisely with one another without even being in the same city.

Business decisions, big or small, can all be made through email, instant messaging, video calls and shared documents. Technology will eventually release office workers from the confines of the office.

The office is not the only way to see that employees and colleagues are working. Besides, we should be transitioning away from the view to which productivity is measured through the visibly evident fact that someone is in the room.

A shift towards quality over quantity should be one in which we are all engaged in. Either way, evidence is visible.

Documents are hosted online; they can be shared, edited and finalized through some of the modern cloud based systems such as Google Drive

Offices are no longer the only place that our business tools exist. Our office ‘tools’ are often carried with us in our back pockets or bags in the form of smart phones, laptops and tablets – all of which have the capability and functionality for us to complete most of the work that we are set on any given day.

More and more companies are realising the benefits that come along with allowing the workforce to sometimes work remotely. Aside from a more satisfied, happy and productive worker, companies are able to enjoy to benefits through savings on office space.

While working from coffee shops and library’s are a typical response when this type of discussion is initiated, a new breed of ‘space’ is emerging.

Primarily found in cities and in towns of innovation and entrepreneurship, coworking spaces are becoming a popular choice for anybody that wants to sit and work alongside collaborative, like-minded individuals.

Coworking spaces are especially designed to support a community of workers, whether they know one another or not.


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