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Some Light Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Switch – Here’s Why

LED products, be them LED strip lights, rope lights, colour panels, bulbs or lamps, are providing to be unbelievably popular. Large city councils have started actively retrofitting existing street lighting in order to take advantage of the wealth of money which can be saved with the conversion, homeowners have started to retrofit houses and enjoy amazing creations such as LED wallpaper, and commercial premises seem to each be taking advantage of the fantastic displays and focal points which can be created with LED Lighting.

But, there’s a few companies out there which still have a massive stake in inefficient, deadly and extremely bad for the environment products such as CFL and Halogen bulbs, and all manner of silly statements are made in order to subvert consumers from making the switch. Some of these are that LED lighting has an expensive installation price. Others range between more and more ridiculous subjects, such as LED lighting will interfere with your sleep patterns, up until the totally silly, that LED Lighting will turn consumers blind.

Of course, most of these silly rumours and old wives’ tales have some merit, once (aside from blindness. LED stands for light emitting diode, not laser emitting diode!) but times have changed hugely since LED Lighting first made an appearance in the mid-70s, and if anything, the technology has improved so much from the stark, bland light of yesteryear in order to include more ranges of colour than you have fingers. And toes. In every single product.

Big-name manufacturers have put significant time and effort into creating viable LED Lighting products as it is the future, and it’s no real wonder that manufacturers that failed to adopt their manufacturing process in order to include it are feeling somewhat scrambled. When traditional CFL Bulbs see their end (it won’t be long, we’re certain of that) They’re going to be without the advances which other companies have put considerable resource and effort into attaining, and of course patenting.

Don’t let one or two old wives tales stop you from having the fixtures of your dreams and saving considerable amounts on your commercial lighting solution. LED Lighting is the future, and it’s here to stay. 


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