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In matters of reservoir simulation and engineering studies, one company springs to mind across multitudes situated worldwide.

ERC Equipoise are a London-based independent oil and gas reservoir evaluation company with offices in Singapore and Dubai, which stand head and shoulders above their competition when it comes to matters of reservoir engineering study and simulation.

ERC Equipoise combine a wide variety of industry technique, practical experience and know-how and their talented team of geoscientists have enough expertise to truly maximise the use of data within their reservoir engineering studies.

When it comes to it, Independent Oil Companies want and need a clear understanding of their assets, as well as the limitations and uncertainty involved within analysis of their sites to prevent mismanagement of assets and loss related to it.

No two projects are ever the same, and ERC Equipoise come equipped for anything – regularly called upon to provide anything from Material balance reporting (Whether multi-phased or otherwise), Rate Transient Analysis. Multi-rate gas flow analysis, Wellbore pressure lift curve modelling, VFP optimisation, Inflow performance and modelling, Well Flow Analysis, Decline Curve Analysis, Production logging, exploration and volumetric support, fluid characterisation, relative permeability and special core analysis analytics, as well as numerical and interference well test analysis.

Furthermore, ERC Equipoise have been called upon to provide a variety of modelling solutions, from wellbore pressure lift curve modelling, through to micro sweep efficiency and Buckley-Leverett Modelling, as well as saturation height, advanced reservoir modelling, and equation of state and compositional PVT modelling.

Their experience of over 34 years speaks for itself, from integrated oil and gas reservoir modelling of all types. Key contributors are actively involved throughout all stages of the building process – as modelling projects benefit at each stage from the input of associated geoscientists and petrophysicists.

ERC Equipoise recognise that 3D Seismic Control of facies distribution is best provided by their own seismic reservoir characterisation group, thus enabling as much constraint as possible to be brought to bear while modelling. Reservoir uncertainty is also captured, where appropriate, by this.

With this, and paying very close attention to the modelling of key elements which affect reservoir performance, viability and profitability, ERC Equipoise ensure that their geomodels allow subsequent simulation models to accurately reflect a reservoir’s behaviours to ensure that their clients truly understand the viability of what they’ve found.



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