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Our Guide to Choosing the Best LED Supplier for You

We love the LED Industry. With countless years of research, development, financial backing and enthusiasm behind it, this little fledgling incentive to save the planet has become an absolute behemoth – with LED products, with their truly remarkable long life, considerable power savings and excellent value for money turning countless businesses, companies, councils and even governments toward committing time and money in order to retrofit existing amenities to support brand new LED lighting.

Of course, money is the driving factor when it comes to most LED retrofits – the certainty of saving a lot of money through the utilisation of LED devices is very alluring, and the benefits of which will be reaped for years to come, but the environment is also a large factor which simply can't be ignored. The world, unfortunately, is at breaking point. With humanity causing varying problems within the environment, it’s a sad fact that we may very well leave those that come after us – the next generation – with a world of problems to face. So, humanity at large is doing our very best to circumvent that. 

For instance, LED Lighting is one measure of reducing c02 count within the atmosphere – giving more and more companies, in this environmentally conscious time, even more reason to make the jump to LED lighting.

But how do you get the best deal? With LED Lighting, it’s unchartered territory for most. There’s very real demand for the technology – and usually with all things of this description, the excitement of a brand new era can be soured by not-so-reputable companies jumping on board with inferior products which can sorely test a customer’s faith in this technology. Essentially, what can feel initially like a bargain product can often turn into a complete and total nightmare.

Even the easiest project can be completely daunting when attempting to fit counterfeit products. The products or the fittings may break through parts not quite fitting, and can be extremely dangerous when live.

We recommend, with your retrofit, to consult the services of a professional, reputable company and to stay well clear of bargain sites such as e-bay and amazon which may or may not sell counterfeit products. It’s well known in everything that you get what you pay for. In this case, as with all others, it applies. You’re simply not going to get a brand new technology for less than £5.

It’s just simply not possible. There have been many documented cases of unassuming bargain hunters getting something that isn’t what it says it is – as any form of branding, in the hands of the correct factory, is extremely easy to replicate with the right tools.

We recommend going to a place where you can see, learn about, and see examples of what you’re about to buy, rather than hope that what you ordered will be the right model and... actually what you were led to believe it might be. That of course means suppliers regional to you.

 As for the UK, we can’t recommend Llandudno based LED Illuminations enough. A modest company that started in 2009, LED Illuminations supply LED products worldwide including LED Rope Lights and LED Strip Lights, and they’re genuine, well trained in their products and very up on every aspect of this emerging technology.

Whether you’re outfitting your business or your home, they’re more than capable and willing to provide solid advice, expert help, and can assist you with absolutely every aspect of your renovation. Unsure about the difference between Kelvins and Lumens? They can help you with that. Not entirely sure about colour ranges? They’ve got you. Can’t tell one end of a light from the other? You get the idea.

LED Illuminations lead the way in terms of customer support and customer service, and we can’t recommend them enough. 


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