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Automate Your Cash Flow With an Accountant

Every business looks to simplify the process of money going in and going out, in order for it to be more easily invested later down the line. The help of a chartered accountant in North Wales can be imperative in truly automating cash flow, and this is mostly through a technique called Cash Sweeping. While indeed quite a complex procedure, (and certainly not one to DIY) cash sweeping is useful for concentrating your company’s balance in a single place, which then enables your company to place funds in larger financial instruments, at a much higher rate of return than drips and drops, here and there.

It’s quite usual for a cash sweep to occur at the end of every working day, though a good accountant will examine your business and work out a schedule that benefits your business. There’s no one size fits all approach to this, and a good accountant will recognize that fact and advise you based on what is best for your business, and your businesses circumstances and needs.

Making Money From Depositing Money?
Essentially, yes. Cash sweeping mostly occurs via the usage of a zero balance account- which is usually a checking account which is automatically funded from a central account in exact amounts to cover presented withdrawals from all other accounts. How this works is that after all accounts have been set up by an accountant, the bank will calculate the amount of all outgoing amounts against the zero balance account and will pay them with a debit to the central account, making the balance return to zero. Hypothetically, should the zero balance account become overdrawn for any reason, cash is shifted back as needed.

Why Zero Balance?
While zero balance accounts are the most common way of performing cash sweeps due to their rates, if you’d prefer, a target amount (or buffer) can be implemented in any amount you desire. An accountant will discuss the pros and cons of doing so with you, and advise you to the very best of their capacity, but you should keep in mind that the final decision is yours. Strictly speaking, a buffer amount is not needed. Should said zero balance account become overdrawn, funds to place the account back at zero will automatically be drawn from your other accounts ensuring no risk, and no fees.

It Can’t Be That Easy…
Essentially, it is. Cash sweeping, however, is not to be engaged upon a DIY basis. Incorrectly assigned, configured, and allocated accounts and balances can cause chaos should something be off, and the attentions of a good accountant are far more desirable in cases like this than any other. Essentially, it’s like building a house. Everyone has a cursory knowledge that a foundation comes first, then walls, then a roof, but to undertake a task like this, you’d likely come unstuck. There’s multiple areas for something alike our hypothetical house to fail, and cash sweeping is no different. Let an expert take care of it, and you’ll certainly reap rewards.


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