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A Brief Insight into Plumbing Materials

There is no doubt that plumbers merchants in Anglesey are incredibly useful for supplying high quality products and materials to a large number of plumbing businesses and DIY enthusiasts. But have you ever thought about how we have reached the extensive plumbing methods we use today?

Here we will take a deeper look into the fundamentals of plumbing materials and their development throughout history.
Common Plumbing Materials
When a new residential home or building is constructed in our modern society it is very important to focus on fitting the correct plumbing, so that everything functions smoothly and efficiently, (especially if said building will house a vast number of people). One of the first products that are needed is the fittings. These are small metal connectors that are used to connect pipes together. The main benefit of using fittings is that if necessary the direction of the pipe can be changed with ease.
Elbows are rather similar to fittings, the difference being that they provide varying angles for pipes such as 22, 45, 60 and 90 degrees. If the piping being used is smaller than the fittings, then reducing fittings can be installed. This can be beneficial when plumbing is proving difficult with certain sized pipes.
A Brief History
Romans began using lead and clay piping to transport water for use in more upper class homes, amphitheatres and bathhouses. Due to its flexibility and durability, lead was a popular choice for piping right up until World War II. However, there was a sharp decline in its popularity when it was discovered that their usage caused lead poisoning.
Shortly after the Second World War it was common practice to use copper, and soon replaced galvanised piping in homes and most buildings. Over the last 30 years or so, PVC piping has become the most commonly used for water piping in residential buildings, with the durability and cost effective nature being the most attractive aspects.

With even more developments within the plumbing industry, we have reached an undeniably exceptional level of plumbing technology that allows us to live in luxury. And with easy access to materials from plumbing and builders merchants in Anglesey, there is no stopping any of us from continuing to move forward in this industry.


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