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Why Is Servicing My Car So Important?

Servicing your car and a MOT is not the same thing. You might feel somewhat surprised at this - We tend to hear this question quite a lot, in particular from those who have had their MOT in Conwy or other places. After you’ve had your MOT, you may feel that your car is good to go for another year or so without being touched. Sadly, nothing could be further than the truth. Car servicing is imperative for your motor, and a scheduling in a regular service is the very best way in order to keep your car ticking over happily (and also lessens the chances of your car failing the next MOT.)

A service entails getting your engine oil changed, your engine filter replaced (if needed) as well as the checking of your lights, tyres, your exhaust as well as ensuring that your brakes and your steering is kept in tip-top shape. A car is a machine after all, and you wouldn’t dream of not servicing anything mechanical between bi-yearly tests. Your service will also include ensuring that your engine is tuned to peak condition, checking your hydraulic fluid, suspension checks, and (of course!) your battery condition.

There’s a great many reasons to get your car serviced on a regular basis – with things like your suspension, your engine, and your steering calibrated to perfection, you’ll save money on your fuel bills from your engine not overcompensating for something that might not be quite right (but not worth failing a MOT over) on your car.

Furthermore, getting things sorted before they turn into major issues is always a huge advantage. Your car is indeed a machine, but it’s also a combination of varying mechanical processes and varying machines which fit together a certain way. Should something not quite be right, your car can often run into major issues from things breaking around this inconsistency, so it really pays to get issues corrected before a small, niggling thing turns into a gigantic bill.


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