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Why You Shouldn’t Install CCTV North Wales Yourself

When you have security concerns at your premises or even worse, your residence, there’s only one way to go. CCTV North Wales is required more so than ever before, and just having a system in place is an excellent deterrent to all but the most clueless of would-be burglars. (Even the most clueless won’t get far with a decent CCTV system in place.)

But how exactly should you go about getting an effective system up and running on your property?

More than likely you’ve considered just going on amazon or ebay, buying a security system, and
dedicating a weekend to putting it up instead of going to a CCTV Installer in North Wales.
Of course, this really isn’t a good idea. Most CCTV alarm systems in the UK are actually
misconfigured- and misconfigured systems can definitely trip you up later.

There are a range of woes that can be experienced with a system which isn’t set up right – from
evidence recorded on these systems not being admissible in court (online retailers tend to sell
systems that don’t meet British standards in recording quality cheapest, to get rid of them…) to
systems which actually get the property owner fined.

An example of the above is that the Data Protection Law in the UK means that people cannot be
recorded without their knowledge. If they’re on your property, it’s completely fine to record someone,
but should your camera be pointing off your property, it’s not okay. A CCTV Installer will survey the
area and make sure that your system is effective, but presents no liability for you.
Another (common) problem with fitting your own CCTV system is that your system itself might not
be any good at detecting activity on your property.

There are many factors involved with CCTV – should the sun shine a certain direction at certain
hours of the day, things can become difficult to make out, and therefore your system is absolutely
useless. As property owners, you may not be aware of factors which can make your system a very
expensive mistake.

With a CCTV installer, you’re paying for the convenience of someone else doing the job, sure. But
you’re also paying for their experience. A CCTV Installer is someone which will survey your property
and look at it from a critical perspective, identifying where exactly presents a risk of burglary in your
property, and adopting a system which covers this weakness.    

Take Strobe Security Solutions, for instance. This North Wales-based security system fitter is
well-known for being thorough and exacting when it comes to their security systems – they only
supply excellent, well known and highly respected brands which are known for their durability and
their ease of use.

Strobe Security Solutions’ security survey is just as thorough as well – Strobe Security Solutions
is a company which indeed offers a free security survey, but spare no detail when it comes to
ensuring that you get the right system for the property you have – ensuring that you’re confident in
the security of your home or business, no matter who comes knocking.


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