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How to Deal with a Legal Problem

In life (and business) we can come up to legal problems, as such we need to be prepared to deal with them in the proper manner.

  1. Do not ignore it. Legal issues tend to not magically disappear, they can get more complex and worse as time goes by so it can be better to deal with it further down the line.

  2. Determine the urgency - how urgent is this issue at hand? It will help you to determine how to deal with the situation. It could be made apparent by a bailiff knocking on the door, or you may need to check the documents to see how much time you have.

  3. Escalate the matter - this is something that needs to be considered, it may be worth escalating, it may not. What is important is that you take appropriate steps. Getting a legal consultation or talking with other treasurers could help you.

  4. Dealing with the highly urgent matters, such as being locked out of premises by a landlord, someone threatening to go public with a story in the near future, you could need some legal advice. In which case you really should contact your solicitor Chester if you need one, or you may need to hire one. As soon as possible you need to get the things moving. If you receive a letter from the police or from court, you should treat this with the utmost urgency.

  5. Dealing with important but not so urgent matters, which allow you a bit of breathing room, such as a month or so, your options for dealing with the scenario are much wider. You can do a bunch of initial research yourself online or approach our usual adviser/a trusted adviser of the initial steer. When aspects of confidentiality allow, you can ask peers within your network if they can help you to deal with the same issues.

  6. Buy yourself some time - consider sending a holding letter when you are being pushed for a response and need to buy some time. You can send a short note acknowledging the issue and say you are considering the matter and will get back to them in due course, this may be appropriate when someone tries to give you an arbitrary and artificial deadline, as it can be of reassurance to the other party that you are taking action and looking into things. Remember that when it's legal proceedings this will not be appropriate.

  7. There is a lot to be said about taking legal matters proactively and keeping them in the back of your mind when making plans. This helps to avoid more serious problems arising, later on, if new services are being launched, think ahead to new contracts that you need to put in place and start to work on them. Take advantage of the time you have and get some advice or guidance as soon as possible, be it through self-research, turning to advisors for help, or getting legal advice. Remember that prevention is much better than to solve.

  8. Increase your legal knowledge so you can identify potential legal issues before they arise. Some of this can comes from experience, but going to seminars and training course and encourage your colleagues to learn too means that you will be well prepared for when some legal problems arise.


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