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Why Should a Medical Researcher Use a Transcription Service?

Tackling either qualitative or quantitative research carries the hurdle of time and quality. Many researchers struggle to get the balance right between producing excellent fact-based work with meeting deadlines. Listening to lots of interviews, focus groups, and conferences amongst other forms of research can be draining - it can be hard to find the important information through the waffle. 

Using a medical transcription service to get the conversation converted to clear, the written text can make it easier to create an analysis, and this isn’t the only advantage. Here are the reasons why medical researchers should use transcription services:

It saves you all-important time. 

Time is definitely money when it comes to research! Human transcription services can save you lots of time with accurate text which helps you focus more clearly. A researcher can have a calm peace for mind knowing that their recordings will be easy to manage for better data handling.

Many people are using ASR (automatic speech recognition) to transcribe their audio - but this is only around 80% accurate. With the time you have spent on your work, it is worth getting accurate readings. 

It can be flexible. 

The difference between saving a little money or transcribing the audio yourself may not be worth it! You can also decide with most companies how long you want the transcription to be, even if it's just a few minutes of transcription. You will get the work back on schedule, taking the weight off your shoulders. 

Lightening the workload. 

Following on from our previous point - the weight hiring a transcriptionist takes off your shoulders is well worth it. Just an hour-long interview could create over 50 pages of writing - this is a huge workload, and with everything else you need to be doing, you may simply not have the time. You may need the extra time for super important tasks, or just getting a chance to destress. 

A good transcription service can also offer to shorten the text for you and make the notes more concise. With all their experience, they’ll understand which parts are important. 

It exercises strict confidentiality. 

Transcription services help to protect the privacy of research by safeguarding with different measures. There will be something for each stage; receipt to delivery. Once finished, transcripts are contained and then deleted in a secure way. Your research will be safe from cyber threats. 


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